Our Goldens


Bae is our lap dog. She thinks she is the size of a chihuahua! She is definately a cuddle bug, and the sweetest in our pack. She hold her own in the pack though! Bae has a dark red MANE in the winter, like a lion!


Our beautiful Ranger! He is a handfull! The goofiest boy you've ever met! He loves to play with his pack mates. He will even hold your hand, or help you stepping out of the puppy pin, with his mouth. We swear he was a Horse Drawn Carriage driver, driving fancy ladies around. He is available for Stud Service.

Jellybeans "Beans"



Our Pack leader(second to mom of course)! Jellybeans, our blonde, beautiful girl. She is right by your side, unless of course she is chasing the tennis ball you just threw for her! This girl chases the Tennis Ball till the day before labor! She keeps everyone in line and keeps a tight ship! No nonsense from puppies with sharp teeth! We traveled three hours to pick Beans up from her breeder. Beans is non registered. Her breeder decided to not do the paperwork, but both of her parents were registered Golden Retrievers.

Aspen River


Aspen was born from a previous litter between Bae and a stud. How we ended up with an English Cream color out of two Reds? Your guess is as good as ours! Aspen is another Tennis Ball Fanatic, so much so, she won't give it back! Aspen is retired due to a infected milk duct. We didn't want to take a chance of it happening again, so now she's loving life as an aunt to all our puppies.